Numbers | The 1:11 Series

a hidden message in a few simple words…

A census was taken on Mount Sinai of all men over the age of twenty and they were counted. Then there was one man appointed over each of the three tribes of the Israelites. And in the first chapter, in the eleventh verse, we learn of Abidan so of Gideoni, of Benjamin.

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Bridging the Gap Between Rainbows and Ashes

all dogs go to heaven, or do they?

All dogs go to heaven, or do they? The day after losing my dog, I surely would have wanted to believe that. The day certainly started with sorrowful sobs. I howled and asked the Lord to comfort me.

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Leviticus | 1:11 Series

sacrificing oneself only leads to death

In our plans that we may be prosperous, we sacrifice daily. Our hopes and dreams are dashed by logistics far to often… We sacrifice time for chores, fun for work and some of us even sacrifice morals for stature. We sacrifice our peace for worry and our self love for strife. Are these really the sacrifices God wanted from us?

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The 1:11 Series | Numerology and Reason

Are you seeing 111 everywhere? Are you finding other versions of it as well? For instance, 1:11, 11:11 and just plain 11? So am I and well…

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