Fake News | Facebook Algorithm of 20 People

Stop Feeding What You Don’t Like

So everyone thinks that Facebook is trying to limit your content. Well, it’s just not true!

In December 2017, a post generated some concern as it was released saying that Facebook had changed it’s algorithms to limit your content to only seeing the 26 people in your news feed. It created such a panic that everyone, at some point, has shared the non-sensical post. Continue reading “Fake News | Facebook Algorithm of 20 People”

Sexism and Sales | You can’t say that anymore

Leave the booty at the door

I had a District Manager, of a Fortune 500 Company, tell me that sometimes it was necessary to “sell the sex till the guy starts listening to what you’re really selling him…” Continue reading “Sexism and Sales | You can’t say that anymore”

Online Portfolio Kit | Do You Need One?

What kind of Online Presence Do You Have?

Are you still sending people to your LinkedIn page for your Professional Portfolio? Are you handing them a Paper Resume? Continue reading “Online Portfolio Kit | Do You Need One?”

Job Seekers Beware

Your Facebook Profile in on your resume

I walk in early for my interview – I’m about 15 minutes early. Continue reading “Job Seekers Beware”