Music Coaching & Services

As a working musician and band leader for 15 years, I have come to understand what is important and what is not when it comes to managing your music. I have lots of information I would love to share with you! All you have to do is Contact Us Now!

Band Management

pexels-photo-167526We offer a workshop on the 3 Dynamics of a Successful Working Musician. If you are trying to figure out why you are not making it, Contact me! I might be able to tell you why!

Voice Lessons

cori singing
I am Professional Singer/Songwriter with a loud bluesy vocal that stands out in every situation. I can teach you projection, clarity, tone, range control, breathing properly and more. My students usually range from ages 9 to 18 yrs old. But I am always open to helping anyone! Click here to review the available Courses and find one that best suits your needs Contact me to get started right away!


Stage Services

Do you need a sound system? Sound Guy? Lights or a Photographer? Call Me! i have all the equipment and staff you need to have a stage that flows and works well through your whole event. Just leave it to us! Contact me to see if we are available for your event!

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