Silly Kitty

It’s the Sawsha

So each evening as I crawl into the covers, my very temperamental torbie Sawsha crawls up onto my chest and suckels herself to sleep by licking any part of my skin she can get to.

Silly Sawsha

She’s my sweet baby even she’s a big grouchy meany. Lol

I’m the lucky one

stop breathing

I am so blessed to have a bestfriend mate who has walked with me thru these few past years and still stops to get my prescription and a coke and candy on his way home from work in 5o’clock traffic and pouring down rain!!

He stops breathing when I walk in the room.

He watches me while I watch TV.

He knows when I’m sad even though I say I’m cool.

He rubs my owies and kisses my tears. Laughs with me and cries with me.

Thank you God for putting someone in human form next to me to show me you care and take me in my ups and downs.

Hide & Seek

Pepper wants Petersen

Pepper and Petersen sure know how to play together! Pepper likes to follow the cat around and bug him, but I’m pretty sure he can take care of himself. Super Cute Video of Pepper trying to get at him.

I grow each day

stop, breathe and absorb

Designed by God, shaped by humanity. This world is a wondrous place; filled with laughter, loss, growth and devastation, it fills every part of us without us even realizing it.

“Who among us knows the hairs on our heads? Or the stars in the skys? For these are things the universe’ knows and we are but the hairs and the stars.”

-Corrie Vallance

Don’t skip the most important part of life by forgetting to enhance the most important part of you, the part that experiences life. Enhance your soul daily, whether through spiritual growth, art, music or friendship. Sing a song, dance, play with the wind or talk to a friend. The world throws so much at us every day, we must learn how to stop, breathe it in and absorb the growth as it is given to us.

I am a mother

Mom Stuff

I have raised two children… well, they are grown but still call. The mindset of children that are grown shows so much of their up-bringing and parrots their parents in so many ways. I am still in awe of how much my children are like me. I only hope they learn from my mistakes instead of repeating the hard way.

My son is in the army and my girl is an artist. They live to love the same way I do. They both are passionate and enjoy having fun. There isn’t much that could stop them but their own fears and hesitations. I am proud to have them apart of my lives. They enrich my past and give hope to my future.

I am Corrie Vallance

I have many people in my network and if you google me you will find that I have a very strong online presence… But what does that even mean?

I have a lot of aspects to my life just like many of you, the difference is, most of those aspects involve marketing me. The problem with that is, no one ever thinks they know who I really am, and maybe its true… but I’m really quite simple.

I enjoy sharing every part of me, all my thoughts, my talents, my training and skills. My laughter is huge and my smile is big… There’s not much I haven’t tried or would if I could.

“I live to love and love to live”
-Corrie Vallance