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Need help building your Personal Online Portfolio Kit? Get Started Today with Corrie Vallance’s “Market Me” One-on-One Coaching Workshop!

My Workshop Includes an Industry Career Poise Session, Resume Analysis and Build Service, Professional Dress – The Do’s & Don’ts  & a Free Practice Interview Class!


This Workshop is No Longer available.

If you are in the Local Placer County Area and Need help, you can contact Corrie by reaching her at her job at Express Employment Professionals in Rocklin.

I am a successful entrepreneur

What that really means is that I try to make money off of every silly and crazy idea I get in my head! The idea that an Entrepreneur is any different stems from the fact that we are risk takers and dreamers, that is all. Folks seem to think that risk taking can lead to failure, I on the other hand believe much differently… I believe that we have failed if we haven’t tried. And trying again and again is defined as success! So, there you have it…

“failing again and again eventually defines your success”

As Thomas Edison stated… “I have not failed. I’ve just found 10,000 ways that won’t work.”