Leviticus | 1:11 Series

sacrificing oneself only leads to death

In our plans that we may be prosperous, we sacrifice daily. Our hopes and dreams are dashed by logistics far to often… We sacrifice time for chores, fun for work and some of us even sacrifice morals for stature. We sacrifice our peace for worry and our self love for strife. Are these really the sacrifices God wanted from us?

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Speak to the Rock, Don’t Smack it!

Who are you praying too? God or You? God or your job, lover or the world! Your Belief needs to be sowed in abfoundation of your Faith to survive and prosper. There is nothing outside of Gods will for you that will stave your hunger for righteousness. It is by Faith and Faith alone that we breathe and walk.

What have you invested your heart in? I mean… where do you put all your faith, your caring investments, ya know, your heart?

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God Hears Our Worry

He holds the world in His hands

I live next door to a church and they have this big sign out front where they put different messages… Today I was looking to the Lord to show me FAITH that He has given to me.

“he’s got the whole world, in his hands”

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